PH Bond, Gel Top & Gel Base
PH Bond, Gel Top & Gel Base

PH Bond, Gel Top & Gel Base

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Gel liquids can be used with Gel Polish, Liquid Builder Gel or Dip Powders. For best results we recommend using our dip liquids for a dip powder manicure

Gel and dip method instructions:

1. Prep your nails using the PH bond

2. Apply Gel Base Coat

3. Lay your nail on top of the dip powder

4. Cure for 60 seconds

5. Repeat until you're satisfied with the color and thickness. Note: If you want your color to look darker and similar to the color you'd achieve when using dip liquids, apply one or two layers of activator and let it completely dry for 3 minutes.

6. Apply a layer of Gel Base Coat and cure for 60 seconds.

7. Apply a layer of No-wipe Gel Top Coat and cure for 60 seconds



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